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Customer Testimonials

Malibu Towing

"Me and a friend of mine did a huge mistake while driving threw the sand in malibu. My friends vehicle is very very and defiantly not 4 by 4 so we got stacked. Of course that by trying to fix the damage by ourself with did more damage.

The only solution was to call a towing company to winch us out of the sand. So we found a local towing service provider in malibu called "Towing in Malibu". The assistance arrived quickly and in few minutes we were out of the sand. I even attached a pictures of what happened. We both are very satisfied from the service, thank you"

- Garry G.

"Okay I really got to give it to these guys for their patience and willing to work in a really tight situation. On Thursday, October 23rd, I had a horrible experience: my car's engine wouldn't start. But what made it really bad was that I was parked on the fourth floor of a private parking garage next to my office building. It was already 6:30, so rush hour was under way, and I could see lots of people from the office building filling up the garage. I felt really embarrassed that I couldn't leave, and I had to wait for someone to arrive and help me out. At first, I thought, maybe I should get a ride home from someone and deal with it the next day, but thought better of it. I called up "Towing in Malibu" and they sent over a tow truck immediately.

When the guy arrived, he had very little room to work with. First he tried jump starting the battery, but it wouldn't work, there was something more problematic. And, unfortunately, half the cars in the garage were still there, and it took the guy nearly 45 minutes to get my car out. He was so patient though, and so nice. I was already embarrassed that this happened, and was feeling even more embarrassed that the poor guy had to work so hard and long just to get me out. But he was really sweet, and assured me that this isn't a big deal for him at all, and he's more than happy to help.

Finally after all that time he got my car out without any damage at all. I was amazed at how carefully he maneuvered that garage, with it's tight corners and narrow halls. But he did it! Since it was getting late, I decided that it would be best if he just took me home, and he was more than happy to take my car to my house and drop it off there. When we finished everything he even gave me some recommendations for places to go to get this fixed, was super nice!

I thought all tow companies had similar services, and I didn't think I'd ever write a review, but these guys totally deserve it! Especially Matt! He was so nice and so thoughtful, and really put me at ease! Towing in Malibu really helped me out during what was an already super stressful day! "

- Offer N, Encino, CA

"I have a great opinion about "Towing in Malibu". I was in need of a battery jump start as my car battery was suddenly out. Waiting for support with a little one in the car, Jimmy arrived immediately and provided valuable and very kind service. Exactly type of service you crave to experience after being stranded. Big thumbs up!"

- Olga P, Thousand Oaks,CA

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